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Elevated hallway and bannister not to code and damaged. Toddlers at risk. Please help.

Paonia, Colorado
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I live in western Canada. My daughter, her mom and 3 small children live in a rented house in Paonia, Colorado. I was there all last week. The railing and bannister were not built to code (4 inches). They are about a foot apart and the little ones could easily slip through. In addition the vertical posts were only glued in place. Now two of them are missing on the bannister. It is very dangerous and I need your help to make the situation safe for the children.

The elevated hallway is 17 feet long with a big post in the middle, and the bannister is about 13 feet long.

If you can help us, please give me your contact data including regular email address. I will ask you to call them, arrange a visit, take measurements and give me a sketch, estimate and schedule. I hope you can do the work as soon as possible. I have US accounts with Wells Fargo and can transfer money easily. I would prefer a deposit for materials and a single payment on completion.

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