Terry B

Carpenter Helper/assistant/apprentice

Edmonton, Alberta
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Looking for someone who is willing to give me a chance at a full-time position as an apprentice carpenter in their company. My goal is to pursue this career until I am a fully licensed Journeyman and onwards. 

I am a 24 year old female, and I realize that this type of work is mostly male oriented. This is the main reason why I haven’t tried to follow my dream in the past of becoming a carpenter. I was afraid of being over looked as this is understandably a physically challenging line of work. I do feel however that I am fully capable of doing well in this industry as it has always been a strong interest of mine. 

I do not have any prior experience as this is all new to me, and I hope that the lack of experience isn’t going to effect my chances of becoming a carpenter. My goal is to work as hard as I am required to in order to fulfill my dream. 

Prior to this I had studied to become a hairstylist. I did so until I became a fully licensed Journeyman. The hairstyling industry was an alternative as most people close to me didn’t think that a girl should be doing carpentry. Therefore I was influenced into doing something that I didn’t fully have my heart into. 

After doing hair for over 2 years, I realized that I needed to pursue my dream of being a carpenter regardless of peoples opinions, in order to truly love what I am doing as a career. My Current resume is mostly all about my previous work experience and my current career. I know that most of it may be irrelevant, as all my previous experience has nothing in common with the experience needed to work in the carpentry trade. Therefore I would greatly appreciate a chance at an interview in person in order to show you that I am capable of this line of work. 

I have done many types of projects in the past that has truly motivated me to becoming a carpenter. I have pictures apon request of projects I have done. And I am hoping that this will be enough to show you my true passion for this field of work. I have played many sports throughout my life that has helped keep me in shape. I have great dexterity and a very good eye for design. My strongest subject has also been mathematics, and I am very good at problem solving. I know that these skills alone will help me thrive in this industry. 

Given the opportunity to work for you. I am ready to commit to many years of service to your company. I hope you consider my application, and hope to hear from you soon.


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