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Charlie C

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Cckc Repair
Rusk, Texas
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Carpenter in Rusk, Texas

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contact numbers 903-343-... Electronic repairs, such as "Desktops" "Laptops" "Cell Phones" Automotive Repair Carpentry construction We are all skilled and qualified for each individual trade and are welcome to inquiries about the business. We are available for "all repairs" & "construction" 60 miles away from our location. depending on the circumstances ,We will either ask you to meet us for repairs depending on the problem, or come to you ,If any farther then 60 miles, for every additional 5 miles we charge 5$. "Computer and Cell phone repair only " If by chance you are out of state or out of range of our agreement you are more then welcome to Give us a call and arrange Ups, USPS, FedEx, mailing options. "Automotive Repair " We Bring our own equipment We do Not Tow vehicles to our location You or the person commissioning us too make the repairs will either have to pay a towing service to deliver or have work space available for us to make repairs on your property , There again equipment for repairs on vehicles is our responsibility, Cleanliness of the motor vehicle is a virtue and we prepare the work area before tempting repairs, We do not buy the parts on our own resources We will evaluate the motor vehicle and tell you what needs to be bought before hand. "Construction \ carpentry" All sites and blue prints must be thoroughly inspected before attempting construction, If by chance you do not have blue prints and are wanting to make some we can help with that at no additional cost, Again we do not supply the resources for the project you will have to buy the wood , sheet rock, insulation etc Depending on the issues, we also provide a painting service , and minimal electrical work depending on circumstances. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Inspection of all products and commissioned jobs will insure the quality and condition of the product or site of repair; Therefore, if there is an issue not mentioned or undetected, it is not our responsibility or liability to fix the problem unless commissioned to do so. Here at CCKC, we take pride in our work and will not make a mistake on a project that we so pridefully prepped for. If by chance a problem occurs, you will be informed and the problem will be rectified along with the necessary precautions put in place to prevent further mistakes. We are honest hard working people and will admit our mistakes we do not take on responsibility to fix problems we have not made. all undetected issues are the commissioners responsibility for the issue, we do not fix others mistakes. OWNERS LIABILITY If by some odd chance the owner is inspecting progress on a job site, we are not to be held responsible for injury or even death. We highly recommend you take extreme precaution before attempting inspection and have a representative with you at all times to avoid injuries. Note: None of us are certified to perform any of the jobs mentioned alone. However, we feel we have experienced enough of these services for family, friends and odd end jobs to qualify us to perform these services for the general public. If you agree to all these terms and conditions You will be asked to sign on payment. Thank you and we look forward to doing business with you.

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